SAS: Zombie Assault 3 game lovers swooned with joy when Ninja Kiwi publisher introduced this latest version of the SAS series. The graphics have been improved with quality while enhancing the content within SAS 4 Mod APK. The story of this game presents an apocalyptic scenario in which an epidemic spreads throughout the city, and the people’s minds are corrupted.

Due to this deadly disease, people become scary zombies, causing panic in the entire town. Most people become zombies, but some lucky survivors fight zombie attacks while finding the cause of the disease. RGP shooter fun is among the best features of SAS: Zombie Assault 4, and this adventure-filled game will not let you get bored. This sequel contains quality graphics and prequel music. This sequel includes quality graphics and prequel music.

SAS 4 MOD APK Additional Information

DeveloperNinja Kiwi
APK Size123.3 MB
APK Versionv2.0.1
Android Version Required4.4 and latest
Last UpdatedOctober 2022
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money
PriceFree of cost

Gameplay and Best Features

Protect Humanity from Apocalypse

There are many heartbreaking scenes in this newest version of SAS 4 Mod APK. Saving people from the attacks of dangerous zombies and fixing the conditions of the whole city can prove to be a lot of challenges for you. You have to use guns or support equipment to kill zombies. The number of zombies increases every interval, which can disturb you. The fighting in this game will look intense and realistic. And the zombies in front of you present a scene of the apocalypse.


Survive In Dangerous Situations

In this SAS 4 Mod APK level 50, you have to survive in various dangerous situations in which zombies of horrible appearance suddenly attack you. Zombies have to pile up using deadly weapons and your skills. In this game, you will see two modes: single-player mode SAS: Zombie Assault 4 and multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you have to fight alone against the dangerous, savage zombies, and if you complete the mission, you are given the best reward and some strongboxes. In the single-player mode, your experiences grow, and you learn a lot.

Within the multiplayer mode, you are joined by 3 or 2 other players to fight the zombies you encounter. You shouldn’t let yourself gather around zombies. Apart from this, you can play with your friends in quick matches mode or private mode. While fighting zombies, when you kill them, their rags can fly at you and cause damage. And sometimes zombies can be dangerous for you by throwing acid.

Simple Controls

This game’s controls are remarkable and can be played easily. These controls make it easy to fight zombies. The player can be moved quickly with joysticks and buttons.


Mod Features

  • Free purchase
  • No ads policy
  • Unlimited everything
  • Level 100 premium guns
  • Unlimited Money

Download SAS 4 Mod Apk Level 100 Premium Guns

In the game, the player needs epic weapons to fight the dangerous zombies and to save himself as these zombies attack you in the form of mobs. As soon as you enter a mission, you have to strategically move back and forth and use your weapons to fight zombies. To complete the mission, you need premium weapons found in strongboxes after playing too many rounds in the regular version.

In the standard version, after completing the game and tasks, you are often offered money as rewards and once to upgrade weapons, which can be tedious. To get premium weapons, avoid the humiliation of repeating a mission again and again, and download this SAS zombie assault 4 hacked premium weapons version where you will get all kinds of premium weapons for free, which you will use to fight the zombies’ attacks like a fearless soldier. Within this modulus SAS, you will get every level unlocked and can jump directly from level 1 to 100.

SAS 4 Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

This game may be boring for you if you cannot take advantage of its premium features while playing it. If you download this version, you will get every premium feature already for free. In this SAS 4 mod APK free purchase, you can use premium guns up to level 50 without any hindrance. Select three players with the best skills and enter the adventure game and you will unlock all their skills in SAS zombie assault 4 hack tool version. And all the skills of these characters can also be customized.

sas 4 mod apk unlimited everything

When characters with the best skills join you in the game, powerful squish combinations will be formed that will clear the zombies. With these best skill combinations, you can easily complete the mission. While having a fight with zombies or selecting any mode, if the ads start playing automatically, it can create an inconvenient environment for you which makes you irritated, but no need to worry, in this mod version you won’t see any ads.

SAS 4 Pc Game Download

Enjoy this SAS: Zombie Assault 4 bulletstorm game on big screens of your PC. Attack the zombies together with the well-trained soldiers, save yourself from their acid attack, and save the humans too. Kill zombies using flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and lighting guns, and immerse yourself in this adventure game. To install on a PC, visit the BlueStacks site, download SAS zombie assault 4 APK and enjoy.

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If we talk about both, SAS 4 is currently better than SAS 3 with better graphics and stuff. Everything turned out to be perfect in this latest version of the saas series, and its worldwide downloads have increased significantly.

It is a single-player and four multiplayer cooperative game with dynamic and challenging levels. You can play solo if you want or invite friends to defeat the zombies.

Final Thought

This game is full of action presenting the scene of the apocalypse; while playing, you get to see many missions in which you can see all kinds of dangerous zombies. With dynamic levels, this game surpasses previous SAS games and eliminates all sorts of bugs and glitches. The graphics and upper-down view made this game excellent, which it’s high downloads can judge.

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