Pubg Mod Apk is a player vs. player shooter game in which up to 100 players can participate in royal battle mode, and the last survivor is called the winner. For the player to enter the match, there is a choice of solo, duo, squad, or a small team. When a match starts, a squad or single player selects a location on the map and lands on the ground from an airplane with the help of a parachute.

In this online royal battle game, you have to start collecting stuff for the battle as soon as you land on your location. Various types of weapons and guns like AKM, Scar-L, Kar98k, M249, Uzi, and M416 will be seen in this game. Pubg has proved excellent in every aspect and is among the most downloaded games. PUBG is ruling the world of online games and is played worldwide, from Asia to Europe, and YouTubers are getting millions of views and likes.

In the PUBG game, each player is given a unique ID number that he can share to add his friends to his friends list. Apart from this, Facebook friends can also play with you. You can participate in classic maps, arenas, or training with your entire squad of 4 and even voice chat with each other inside the lobby. You can set your mic to All to talk to players worldwide in the game.

You can also use the 8x or 4x scope for sniper shooting from a distance. Features like reviving your friends within the game and sharing health kits or energy drinks make this game great. PUBG game’s primary objective is to find weapons, health kits, and energy drinks to survive to the last zone as you land. The best guns, like M416 and M762, are preferred in the game, and for snipers, players prefer AWM.

In the Pubg, there is also an option to create a separate room to play one vs. one by challenging a stranger or a friend. Gameplay can be recorded in high quality. The size of this game is quite large, but in terms of features, this game is hard to beat. The game’s currency is UC, which costs real-world money to earn.

And UC is used to get different gun skins, upgrade and unlock characters. The advantage of upgrade guns is that when you kill or knock out an enemy while playing the game, the kill message will show in the best way. Because of these excellent features of the game, it is loved by people of all ages all over the world.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Additional Information

App NamePUBG Mobile MOD APK
DeveloperTencent Games
APK Size1.13GB
APK Versionv2.4.0
Android Version Required4.4 and latest
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
MOD FeatureUnlimited UC, Hack, AimBot
PriceFree of cost

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Astonishing Features

Pubg Menu Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited UC
  • esp hack
  • Aimbot
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping

Download Pubg Mod Apk Unlimited UC 2022

In this action-packed adventure game, you have to pay real-world money to unlock different costume designs, guns, skins, and characters. Also, upgrading guns, opening crates, and vehicle skins require Uc, which is not available for free in the regular version. Download this pubg mod apk hack version from our website to get unlimited UC. In the modified version of this original Pubg game, you will already get Unlimited UC, using which you can unlock every character and also surprise your friends by unlocking all Royal Pass items.

pubg mod apk unlimited uc 2022

Pubg Mod Apk ESP Hack

ESP is one such hack technique in Pubg game that tells the location and distance of the enemy. In addition, this technique also identifies the opponent’s weapons. Using this excellent technique, the player can attack or run away from his opponent by seeing his location. This pubg mod apk 2022 version includes ESP Hack, which you can use to surprise foreign players. Don’t forget to know about the latest features of The Amazing Spider Man 2 APK (Unlimited Money/Skins Unlocked)

Pubg Mod Apk Aimbot

Use the aimbot features of this pubg hack apk download the 2022 version by challenging different types of pro players or your friends. With this aimbot hack, you can defeat the opponent by hitting headshots; your shots will automatically connect to the opponent. In addition, in classic maps, you will be able to knock out your opponents by spraying from a long range.

pubg mod apk hack


In this Pubg game, foreign players can be challenging because they can beat you from the front with a high device and fast internet connection. But when you see an opponent coming through the walls, you can throw a Molotov or bomb at him before he comes. And with wallhack, it won’t be difficult for you to wipe the whole squad, so download this pubg mod apk download unlimited everything 2022 version for the wall hack technique now. Here, we have another great action-packed game Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/High Damage).

No Recoil

Some guns come with very high recoils in the Pubg, which makes them difficult to control while spraying, but this pubg mod apk free shopping version won’t; you can easily control the recoil of any gun to kill the enemy from a distance.

Graphics and Sounds

This royal battle game is the best game of this time regarding 3D graphics and animations. When you fire while fighting the enemy, the enemy’s blood appears to fall, giving realistic fight feelings. And if we talk about the sounds, each gun has its different sound; even the pistols’ sounds are different.

pubg mod apk download unlimited everything 2022


Different-looking characters with different emotes are added in this PUBG game, like Andy, Carlo, Sara, etc. To enter the game, you have to create an account with Facebook or Gmail, and at the beginning, you are given a free character to decorate. Different voices and costumes of these characters attract you, and caps, glasses, shoes, and shirts of different colors and designs are used to decorate your character.

MOD Menu Video

Final Thought

Boasting all possible analogs, the Pubg game provides you with dozens of weapons to fight with other players. Different types of gun skins and costumes of the game attract you, and each character has its unique style with special abilities. All kinds of action base scenes like landing from the plane by parachute, finding guns and health stuff to survive, and facing the best domestic and foreign players are seen in this pubg mobile mod apk unlimited money and get all premium features free. If you haven’t enjoyed this adventure-filled Battle Royal game, click the download button now.

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