Be like a master of your little Universe by downloading My Little Universe Mod APK with unlimited resources. In your universe, you have complete access to build your planets. Using the game’s basic strategies, you can create new islands also with the help of wood, stones, and different fossil metals. Building new places, cities, and islands, you can initiate businesses and colonize vacant islands. When you have a universe in your possession, the chances of the existence of evil forces are also there; you have to fight your enemies to prevent regular attacks on your planets and unique places.

As a master of little Universe, your whole business will be to mine, craft, and fight to continue your supremacy in your created islands and places. Getting lost in your own Universe is a unique experience of freedom. Creating a new planet is now easily possible through this fantastic casual game. Build your world, create custom objects and enjoy a long reign in the game; it’s that simple. Download my little Universe and enjoy your unlimited adventure world.

My Little Universe Mod APK Additional Information

App NameMy Little Universe
DeveloperSayGames Ltd
APK Size378.7 MB
APK Versionv1.24.5
Android Version Required7.0 and latest
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
MOD FeatureUnlimited Resources, and Mod
PriceFree of cost

Gameplay and Features

Download My Little Universe Mod APK

Do you want to enjoy your Universe with full liberty and without limit and restriction? Then having a mod version of my little Universe is the best option to hold your Universe as a god and play like a pro. Playing My Little Universe Mod Apk dramatically benefits you as a casual game player. Unlock all features of my little universe mod apk (unlimited all) will boost your gaming skills and fun moments. It allows you to play freely with unlimited resources and money. What kind of features of the game can you use for an indefinite amount and with complete freedom? See below in the features section.

download my little universe mod apk unlimited money


Be it premium features in the game or unlimited money and freedom to buy, you will find it all in My Little Universe mod apk for free. It has been modified in such a way that you can fully enjoy all the premium and additional features of the game at the same time. Find all the fantastic features of My Little Universe Mod Apk below:

  • Creating a World!
  • Get Mining
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Different Types of the game environment
  • Lightweight, simple Graphics

Creating a World

Create, protect and enjoy a unique way to rule your Universe. In this build-your-own-world adventure game, you’ll master everything from mining to construction and gardening to building an entire planet. You can drill, craft, log, dig, and smelt building blocks and raw materials of your creations in the game. A weapon like an axe and arms with divine power will create a world of wonder. Build your entire Universe by wielding your ax and enjoy the game’s adventure to the fullest.

my little universe mod apk unlimited all

Get Mining

Mining prospects will allow you to explore and discover new things in the game. Showing accurate skills through mining is the main character of this game, and it is an essential feature of the game. To keep yourself unique in the game, you must follow the mining rules and skills. With the help of a mighty pickaxe, fight and kick off your enemies along with mining, digging, and breaking rocks workout. There are 8 levels to prove your powers through the skill of mining.

Industrial Facilities

Set up industrial facilities and, as a civilian authority, smelt metals, process minerals, and insert god’s real power in your opponents. To do so, you have different types of weapons in my little universe mod apk unlimited all. The industrial world is full of productivity, and to own an industrial world where you can produce anything you want, from the production stages to the final forms. A good use of this feature can make you the best player in the game.

Different Types of the Game Environment

First, the game world is as vast as the Universe, and furthermore, it has different types of game environments, which means that you are entering an endless series of adventures. In the game, you can enjoy ten different backgrounds. In all these game environments, you can create your paradises. But in the meantime, you have to deal with eight types of evil enemy forces that will try to be the biggest obstacle in your way.

Different Types of the Game Environment

Lightweight, Simple Graphics

The graphics of the game are made so simple, easy, and lightweight that you can continue playing your favorite game for a long time without stopping with the help of the excellent graphics of this game. The specialty of these graphics is that they are beautiful to look at, despite not being so heavy. Other game features are worth mentioning, like the presence of angels, beautifying your planets and changing them according to your will, and other features that will make you play this game for a long time.

What are the New Features in the Updated-Version of My Little Universe Mod APK menu?

The latest version of the My Little Universe Mod APK has these new features in the menu that will make your playing experience even better.

  • Planet Egyptian
  • Extra Tool
  • Bug Fixes
  • Puzzles and new zones added
  • High Device Settings

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Yes, you can play my little universe phone game on your pc with the help of third-party pc apps like bluestacks, etc.

Yes, you can play My Little Universe offline.

If you have everything unlimited in my little universe mod apk, you can efficiently complete it in 9-12 hours through all levels.

Final Thought

Own a small universe by downloading my little universe mod apk unlimited money and play as if everything is under your control. My little Universe Mod Apk also frees you from more premium bindings in the game and allows you to play openly. Enjoy your unlimited creations and Universe.

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