Imagine if you had a wonderful kingdom and you had to protect it. How would you do it? It is now possible in Kingdom Rush mod apk unlimited everything, including gems, money, and unlocked heroes, where you protect your kingdom and castles in unique ways. The Tower defense game will give you a lot of unique defense experiences. Come, get ready and do some magic to save your towers with different gaming experiences. It is the first game to win multiple awards in offline tower defense. Millions of players from all over the globe play it with great dedication and interest just because of its adventure. You can increase your earnings multiple times under the game’s mechanism while playing.

You have to use your best personal strategies to win this game effectively. These wise plans of the game will help you defend your tower in a better way. You will have to show excellent skills to remove the evil forces and your strong enemies from the castles in many wise ways. In the game, you have multiple epic towers and enchantments. You have to protect them so that the game goes in your favor till the end, and you win. In this regard, the game kingdom rush mod apk all heroes unlocked provided by us will be very helpful for you.

Kingdom Rush Mod APK Additional Information

App NameKingdom Rush Mod Apk
DeveloperIronhide Games
APK Size195MB
APK Versionv5.8.02
Android Version Required4.4 and latest
Last UpdatedNovember 2022
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money, Unlocked
PriceFree of cost

Features and Game Mode

Kingdom Rush Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Although the game is exciting and enjoyable, it is only possible for some to unlock all its features, buy it, and play it freely. What about the game where you have all components with no cast? It is available in the kingdom rush mod apk unlimited money and gems. Enjoy your kingdom rush mod apk with all features unlocked. You will get a further idea of how much fun this game is by seeing the amazing features of the game.

kingdom rush mod apk unlimited everything


Mod apk gives you the facility that all the gems used in the game become unlimited. Also, many locked features are unlocked. You can enjoy limitless opportunities in the game. Along with this, premium features within the game are available with greater depths, as follows.

  • Tower Styles
  • Your Army
  • Kingdoms
  • Game Encyclopedia
  • Offline
  • Scores

Tower Styles

Choose your preferred tower style in the game and continue the fun in that style. Defeat the enemy in front by implementing all your best strategies. You will have many types of towers and their techniques in the game. There are 18 unique tower styles in the game that you can use and experiment with to expand your kingdom. And the good news is with the kingdom rush mod apk and all heroes unlocked, you can use this feature even more broadly.

Kingdom Rush Mod APK tower styles

Your Army

Forces are the strength of any empire and kingdom, so your kingdom in the game is also powerful. It would be best if you had your strong army for the best game results, and you can create it by using the best strategies in-game. Make your army more powerful by equipping them with different styles of towers and advanced weapons.


Expand your kingdom in the game with the best skills, and guidance, and extend the circle of victories to the following limits. Choose your heroes and, with their help, win every battle in the game it is essential for your kingdom. You can choose 13 forceful heroes for your help to lead your troops in the defense. To make a powerful kingdom plan your strategies and chose the way you can play better your game.

kingdom rush mod apk all heroes unlocked

Game Encyclopedia

The in-game encyclopedia option is very nice. With the help of this feature, you can find out what useful information is essential for you in the game. Know about your towers and the ways how you can defend them. You can understand your enemies and their strategies better. Using this feature wisely will help you win the game without any help. Kingdom rush mod apk free shopping allows you to play more openly.


You can also test your defense skills offline in the Kingdom Rush Mod APK with unlimited money and gems. Your continued battle actions will never stop during this test. The simple meaning of this feature is that you can play this game offline. Enjoy your adventure without using any internet connection or network.

Game Modes

Now we have added an extra game mode in the Kingdom Rush mod apk with the help of additional built-in game modes, which will give you a unique playing experience. These will help make the game more interesting by limiting your combat strategies. Choose whichever method you want to play according to your choice and enjoy the best adventure of the game. The varied experience of playing the game in different modes will give you a lot to learn.

There are several other important features within the game that will keep you interested and make you play it for more time.

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Yes, in this game version, you can have all 13 heroes opened, including premium ones.

Now you do not need an internet connection to play Kingdom Rush mod apk on your phone. You can play it offline with an offline TD strategy in the game.

Final Thought

Download kingdom rush tower defense mod apk and enjoys endless adventure in the tower defense game. It’s a beautiful experience to play like a king in a defense game; you will enjoy all its features like Tower styles, army creation, kingdom handling, facing unique enemies with extra game modes, and intense boss fights. In the mod version of kingdom rush mod apk, unlimited stars, you can have absolute stars, gems, money, etc. Enjoy your defense and guarding the tower journey with millions of strategies to outsmart the enemy.

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