Dragon City Mod APK mobile is one of the best Simulation games in which you have to build a cold farm. Within this farm, you have to raise your favorite dragons, and it is your turn to manage this entire dragon city. Dragon City Mobile is an online game where you can play with random players or friends. You have to build a perfect dragon city on floating islands, which includes raising dragons and training them to fight, and also do many sub-tasks in this city apart from cold farms and buildings.

Your first task is to perfect your dragons’ habits and fighting skills. Upgrading dragons’ levels, buying assets, and improving dragon city can be challenging for new users. If you have early-level dragons, you may lose to high-level dragons. Social Point Technologies introduced this game ten years ago, and it is currently among the most-liked games, with a rating of 4.5. If we look at its downloads, it is the most popular android game.

Dragon City MOD APK Additional Information

App NameDragon City MOD APK
DeveloperSocial Point Technologies
APK Size140 MB
APK Versionv22.7.6
Android Version Required5.0 and latest
Last UpdatedOctober 2022
MOD FeatureUnlimited Money and Gems
PriceFree of cost

Gameplay and Features

Dragon City Mod Apk Gameplay

Regarding gameplay, it gives you a tutorial for the controls and the primary purpose at the start. In the beginning, you are given some assets and coins using which you have to upgrade your levels and dragon city features. To have the best and most extensive collection of dragons on your cold farm, you first need to breed them. And gradually, with time, when their age increases, they can get bred.

Dragon City Mod Apk Gameplay

You have to breed your favorite species with each other to create pure new species. The best feature of this dragon city Mod APK latest version is that each dragon comes with its own unique advantages. You can learn much about breeding when you breed and experiment with two intelligent species. This game has around 1000 Dragons, each with its features. You have to take good care of the baby dragons, and if they get sick, you can become a doctor and take care of them.

Game Features

  • The better you train dragons, the more you will be able to stack the dragons of other online players. In this dragon’s universe, you have to impose your fear on other players.
  • The best feature of the game is that the number of dragons within the competition increases every week, and you can keep a vast collection of dragons called Dragon Book.
  • Here in the PvP arenas, you can participate by selecting the best quality dragons of your choice; for example, in front of the competition, if a fire dragon is coming, you must choose a water dragon. This game requires both strategy and brain.
  • The eye-catching graphics of this game give the vibes of a very realistic world, and this game is free to play without any download charges.
  • You can use a Facebook or Google play game account to enter this game. The interface of this game is optimized for both Android and iOS.
Dragon City Mod Apk Diamond

Download Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

This dragon city Mod APK latest version is a modified version of the official Dragon City in which you don’t have to be humiliated to get legendary dragons. In this version, you will get unlimited money and you will not face any difficulty during breeding dragons and upgrading levels. If you want to beat the front players with the best dragon war, install this dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems version immediately, which will give you the following free best features.

Download Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything
  • Dragon City Mod Apk All Dragons Unlocked: In this game, you see around 1000 dragons with different abilities. To get upgrades and legendary dragons, you need unlimited gems, which require a lot of hard work. Upgrade fire and water dragons to slow down front players’ wars and prevent high-level dragons from sticking. Feel free to download this Dragon City Mod APK gold gems version in which you will get already opened all dragons freely without any effort.
  • Dragon City Mod Apk Diamond: To upgrade levels and astonishing farm improvement, players need many diamonds to compete with other online players. You will see unlimited diamonds in this dragon city mod APK hack 2022 version.
  • Dragon City Mod Apk One Hit Kill:  You can lose when your dragons face high-level dragons in the Arenas war. Download this mod version to surprise the foreign pro player and your friends, in which one hit of your dragon will make the front dragon pile.

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Dragon City Mod Apk Video


The developer of Dragon City says that this game does not contain any kind of vulgar or extreme content, but young people above 14 years and below 18 years should play carefully, and parents should keep an eye on it. Because in this dragon city mod apk god mode, you get immersed with your entire mind, and you don’t know what is happening in the outside world.

Although Dragon City is a free game, you need real money for some premium features and purchases, which you can turn on through the app purchases setting on your device. Download this dragon city mod APK gold gems version for upgrading all levels and free purchasing.

In 2012, Dragon City was published on Facebook, and after that, people’s craze led to the introduction of the best graphics version for Android and iOS. And this can be estimated from its online games, YouTuber views, and so many downloads.

Final Thought

After playing Dragon City, you are definitely going to get addicted to it because, in this game, you can do whatever you want, like breeding dragons, leveling them up, and getting into Arenas Wars with full gear. If you have just started this game, you must focus on daily work for achievements. To increase your credibility in the game, you have to participate in battles which also increase the points. Download and enjoy this dragon city mod menu apk unlimited money and gems, the best game in terms of graphics and animations.

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